ARCHANGEL was formed by Dave, John and Rick in 1975. Neil Copeland was also with us on and off, co-writing several songs that became the bulk of our live shows back then. Neil also performed with us live during a brief period when the band was called PROPHET SONG. ARCHANGEL remained a three piece band until the last 6 months of it's existance. For that period we were joined by Dan Gould, keyboard player & vocalist.

        Dave Dawdy, Rick Ledesma & John Heald in Chicago 1976, Dave Dawdy live at Michigan State University in 1977 (b/w)

This was inspired by a photo taken in 1978 at the band's last official Archangel show. At the artist DEMAND his name has been removed. As all know I have gone out of my way to leave John's work essentially intact as this site is a memorial to John's musical works, which was a large part of his life. Anyone questioning THE THREAT of legal action can email the party at and ask him why, after over seven years, he feels the need to be disrespectful and "un-Christian" to actually threaten John's family over this?

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