ED Englerth has had long and successful solo career prior to, during and after his tenure with ARMADA. Some of that history includes other band members, or former band members. ED is currently working with Luie Bradley and Jimi Lee Matthews, both former ARMADA members. Steve "Frog" Forgey and John Heald both played on, and supported ED's successful "Hit the Wall" release in 1987. When Frog wasn't available, guitarist Bill Bartilson filled in admirably (...Bill was also associated with ARMADA, the best sound engineer on the planet!).

ED has released several projects in the past few years. "No Big Secret" and "Living in the Shadows" both feature Luie Bradley on lead vocals. Recent release, "Pingo", has received rave reviews and radio airplay on many alternative rock radio stations. ED has even covered some of his own ARMADA recordings, "Words of Love" and "Break the Chain" among them, giving them a new and totally different spin. ED's latest is certainly one of his best efforts to date. "Live at the State Grounds Coffee House" features two of the best bassists in the world, ED and ARMADA/XALT member, Randy Carlson!! ED's playing guitar this time around, along with yet another ARMADA guitarist, Jimi Lee Matthews :^O>

ED has a page on the Michigan Artists website, and it's very informative. To check that out, and hopefully grab a copies of his terrific discs, click on the logo below.

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