Tim Dolbear, along with his wife Angela, have released a truly wonderful CD... a band called Child of the Son. The project is entitled "Never Been to Memphis", and showcases some of their most inspired songwriting to date. Majestic vocal harmonies, poetic thoughtful lyrics with positive messages & spiritual themes. This album has an AOR sound, very commercial on the pop side of rock. Tim also sat in the producers chair, engineering and mastering the project as well. "Never Been to Memphis" is a CD you'll want in your collection. Tim has been a musical force in Los Angeles for many years, having fronted the band English Rain to prominence as guitarist/vocalist in the 80's. Tim has been a solo artist and producer for the last few years, as well as contributing to many other artist projects as a studio musician. He appeared as lead guitarist on De Allen's first CD (on the track "Come Take My Heart"), a project he also produced. Tim is also a member of Ariel, John's new band project. To order the debut from Child of the Son check out the link below, or go to Amazon.com.

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