Produced by ED Englerth and John Heald

Engineered by ED Englerth, James Erdman, John Heald & Bill Bartilson

Recorded at SCP Studios in Lansing, Michigan - Mixed by Mike Robertson & John Heald at Lansing

Sound Studios

Cover art by Dennis Preston

DAVE DAWDY - Lead Guitar, Guitars, Keyboards

RANDY CARLSON - Bass Guitar  JEFF SIPE - Lead Guitar, Guitars, Vocals

DOUG OXFORD - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar

JOHN HEALD - Drums, Lead Vocals

additional musicians:
James Erdman - Lead Guitar fill "No Retreat/No Surrender"
Bill Bartilson - Lead Guitar fill "No Alibi"
Mike Robertson - Keyboards "No Alibi"

COMMUNICATION (Heald/Sipe/Dawdy)

FRONTLINE (Heald/Sipe/Dawdy)


PRIDE (Heald/Dawdy/Sipe)

SHINE THE LIGHT (Heald/Heida/Sipe/Dawdy)

BUT IT'S ONLY ROCK N ROLL (Heald/Sipe/Dawdy)


LOUD AND BOLD (Heald/Dawdy/Sipe)

NO ALIBI (Heald/Ledesma/Dawdy/Sipe/Carlson)

ALL YOU NEED (SALVATION) ( Ledesma/Dawdy/Sipe)

Released in 1987

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