Produced by Bill Bartilson and John Heald

Engineered by Jon Frazer and Jim Diamond

Recorded at Harvest Productions in Lansing, Michigan

additional recordings by Mark Miller and Marvin Hall

DAVE DAWDY - Lead Guitar, Guitars  LUIE BRADLEY - Lead Vocals

JIMI LEE MATTHEWS - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

ED ENGLERTH - Bass Guitar, Vocals  JOHN HEALD - Drums, Vocals

additional musicians

JEFF SIPE - Guitars    DOUG OXFORD - Keyboards, Vocals    RICK LEDESMA - Vocals,

Bass Guitar    NEIL COPELAND - Vocals, Bass Guitar    RANDY CARLSON - Bass Guitar

All remixes feature Luie Bradley and Jimi Lee Matthews

HE NEVER LEFT (Matthews)

WORDS OF LOVE (Englerth)

I WONDER 'BOUT THIS WORLD (Remix) (Englerth)

I'LL WALK AWAY (Englerth)


BLACK & WHITE (Remix) (Heald/Dawdy/Sipe/Oxford)

SUICIDE (Remix) (Heald/Sipe/Dawdy)

HOW IT BURNS (Demo) (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy/Ledesma)

STREETWISE (Demo) (Copeland/Heald/Dawdy/Ledesma)

CRY OUT FOR THE CHILDREN (Remix) (Heald/Oxford/Sipe/Dawdy/Englerth)

HOPE OF GLORY (Remix) (Heald/Oxford/Sipe/Dawdy)

HAIL TO THE KING (Remix) (Heald/Oxford/Sipe/Dawdy)

FRONTLINE (Demo) (Heald/Sipe/Dawdy)


NOW WE'RE ROCKIN' (Demo) (Heald/Dawdy/Ledesma)

Available 2002

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