Produced, engineered and mixed by Mark Miller

at Harvest Productions in Lansing, Michigan

RICK LEDESMA - Lead Vocals  DAVE DAWDY - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

RANDY CARLSON - Bass Guitar  JOHN HEALD - Drums, Lead Vocals

LET GOD'S PEOPLE GO (Heald/Dawdy/Carlson/Ledesma)

WITNESS (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy)

TURN AROUND (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy/Ledesma)

STREETWISE (Copeland/Heald/Dawdy/Ledesma)

ROCKIN' (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy/Ledesma)

SHELTER (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy)

YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT (Dawdy/Ledesma/Heald)

CUTTING IT CLOSE (Heald/Copeland/Dawdy/Ledesma)

TURNING POINT (Heald/Dawdy/Ledesma)

Released in 1986

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